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Avoiding the Hangries: Hidden Breakfast Spots in Denver

Avoiding the Hangries: Hidden Breakfast Spots in Denver

There is a reason we wake up hungry each morning and it’s not because we haven’t eaten since the night before. It’s because Denver has truly transformed itself over the past decade into a legitimate foodie town.  You too can avoid the hangries by discovering these hidden breakfast spots located throughout the metro area.

In the Heart of Cherry Hills

The Original Pancake House – Cherry Hills makes from scratch, amazing pancakes of all types, including gluten-free options.  Menu choices include chef inspired pastries that change with the season, sweet and savory pancakes and daily selections.  Located on a quiet, unobtrusive Denver side street, Original Pancake House – Cherry Hills prides itself as one thing, a pancakery.

South of Town

A second hidden breakfast spot just south of Denver and located in DTC is The Original Pancake House in DTC.   Top delicacies with fresh meats and vegetable choices and voila!   Quiches, croissants, and french toast round out the menu whose creators take pride in “cooking for you from scratch every day with love and our roots from the finest and freshest ingredients.”

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