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Is the Best Denver Breakfast Eaten at Home?

With the best breakfast in Denver available at so many restaurants, are you still eating the most important meal at home?

Denver breakfastOnce upon a time breakfast was primarily eaten at home as a sit-down meal.  Nowadays many people are either skipping breakfast all together, or eating on the go.  We’re lucky to have a lot of great Denver breakfast options, but are you taking advantage of them?  Do you bring something from home and eat in the car?  Or do you stop at a café or restaurant to grab something?

Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) reported that according to market research conducted by The NPD Group, visits to restaurants at breakfast increased 2% in 2014.  NRN also reported on the results of an online survey of 1,508 adults who eat breakfast away from home at least twice a month.  The survey by Kellogg’s found that most of the respondents prefer quick-service restaurants in the morning.

The Kellogg’s survey also found that 21% of those who eat breakfast away from home focus on value and portability for their breakfast.  This means they want a good deal and something they can eat on the go.  About 12.5% of those surveyed prefer to drink something for their breakfast.

Kellogg’s also found a group of 20% of the respondents that are least likely to skip breakfast.  Within this group two-thirds are over the age of 44 and they prioritize value and quality.  This group often eats breakfast in full-service restaurants.  They make their choice based on price, quality of service and proximity to home.

If you’re in the mood to sit down and enjoy a delicious Denver breakfast, we’ll see you at The Original Pancake House!

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