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What are Breakfast Restaurants Serving Around the World?

Pancakes and eggs may reign supreme at breakfast restaurants in Denver, but what’s cooking around the world?

breakfast restaurantsIf you dine at local breakfast restaurants like The Original Pancake House, you’ll likely find the classics.  Bacon and eggs, omelets, pancakes, French toast and waffles.  But what about breakfast restaurants in other countries?  What are people eating around the world?

In European countries, such as Spain, France and Italy, breakfast primarily consists of coffee and a pastry.  In England they’re enjoying what is usually referred to as “full English breakfast.”  This consists of bacon and eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, fried mushrooms, toast with butter and jam, and tea.  It may sometimes include beans and the sausages can be Black Pudding, which is made with pigs’ blood.

In Brazil, they enjoy strong coffee with bread, ham and cheese.  In Columbia, they eat arepas, a thick corn cake.  These are usually split open and filled with many types of ingredients and enjoyed all day.  But at breakfast they are most often served simply with butter and jam, or with eggs and meat.

If you dine at breakfast restaurants in Germany, you’re likely to be served a selection of breads with butter and jam, cold meats and cheese.  In Japan, the morning meal can include rice, miso soup, fish, pickled vegetables and a type of omelet tamagoyaki.  And if you eat breakfast in Jamaica, you’ll enjoy ackee, a type of fruit that is served cooked, along with salted fish, fried plantains and fresh fruit.

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