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Top Breakfast Foods in America

Top Breakfast Foods in America

eggsBreakfast is many things to many people. It’s a time to fuel your body for the active day ahead and a time to gather with friends or family. While there are many ingredients and dishes that are staples for breakfast in Denver, there are a few favorites that make their way into our homes every year. What are they you may ask? Below, check out our list of the top breakfast foods in America in honor of National Breakfast Month.


A classic staple in any family pantry, cereal is a quick and easy way to pack in the needed fiber and whole grains needed for the day. Whether you lean on the healthier side or splurge for the Captain Crunch now and then, cereal has become a popular treat for kids and adults alike. In fact, 2.7 boxes of cereal are sold in the U.S. each year with 92% of American households purchasing it at least once a year (source: NPD Group). Celebrate our love for cereal this month by enjoying a bowl at home or come by and visit us for a bowl of our homemade granola, cream of wheat or dry cereal.


This delectable delight has been a main stay in American homes since the domestication of chickens. Eggs possess an impressive macronutrient composition unmatched by its fellow breakfast ingredients that contributes to its powerhouse of nutrition including the ingredient we all need in the morning: Vitamin D. From scrambled to sunny-side up, eggs can take on practically any form and shape we desire. With such versatility and demand for eggs, at our two Denver restaurants alone we serve more than 25,900 little white bundles a week!


You can’t talk about eggs without mentioning their trusty partner-in-tastiness: bacon. This savory, salty snack is as American as apple pie. From the irresistible smell, to the sizzle on the skillet, to the smoky flavor, bacon is one of the few breakfast foods that ignites and awakens all of our senses in the morning. According to AllTech, “Americans on average eat around 18 lbs. of bacon each year. That’s about 5,608,654,506 lbs. for the entire U.S., which is equal to 7.68 Empire State buildings.”  Today, we’re finding many creative uses for the classic strip – no longer just a side, try our bacon pancakes or bacon Belgian waffles – breakfast staples made even better with real bits of bacon baked right in!


What many consider a healthier option to cereal, oatmeal is another quick and easy way to fuel up and keep you full throughout the day. What makes oatmeal fun to eat is the many ways to spice it up. From adding slices of banana and a dash of cinnamon to incorporating it into pancakes for oatmeal pancakes, oatmeal is no longer the “barbarian” food it was once called. We serve our old fashioned oatmeal with warm skim milk, brown sugars and raisin – yum!

So whether you prefer one of the above or all five, these top breakfast foods have made their way into our hearts and stomachs for years. Their future culinary possibilities look bright and their extinction nowhere in sight. At Original Pancake House in Denver, let us fuel you up for the day ahead and offer you one of the best Denver breakfasts in town. We’re open every day from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. so swing by and celebrate National Breakfast Month with us!


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