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Hayley us on Yelp

Hayley us on Yelp

  • Review fromHayley H.

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    10/15/2012 1 Check-in Here

    Oh wow! This place was hopping on a Sunday morning.

    Busy, but run well, this restaurant seems like it is the only pancake house in the area. If you come on the super busy day their hostess is efficient and organized. They even have coffee at the front for you to drink while waiting. You can also sit outside on the two rows of benches and wait for your name to be called on the loudspeakers.

    Now lets talk about food. We sat at the community table, which is a new concept to us. But we were starving and would take the first available table.

    The orange juice is fresh squeezed. The portions are OUTTA CONTROL big. The pancakes are everything you could wish for, fluffy, sweet, large. The butter – – whipped. The omelette’s packed with veggies and huge. I had the benedict and couldn’t complain.



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