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Topping it Off:  The Very Best Way to Cover Your Pancake

Topping it Off: The Very Best Way to Cover Your Pancake

We’ve all heard the familiar saying that no matter how flat you make a pancake it’s still got two sides.  The most important side of the pancake is undisputedly the top side and the most important part of the top side is what goes on top.  Here are the five best toppings for any and all pancakes with two sides.

Traditional Toppings

Aunt Jemima definitely does not corner the market on syrup but maple trees do.  There is nothing quite as mouth-watering as the traditional creamy butter and maple syrup combination. Go ahead and bring on the sticky and enjoy this sweet option to the very last drop.

Healthy Toppings

Fruit gives a layer of nutrition to just about any food, and pancakes are no exception.  Pancakes and any type of sweet berry with cream are simply decadent and without question count toward a healthy diet and daily fruit intake of deliciousness.

More breakfast on top of your pancake toppings

Pancakes are quite lovely on their own but couple them with other breakfast staples like eggs and meat and you’ve got the full meal deal.  Any eggs will do, but sunny side up eggs with a little extra runniness that spill over a nice salty meat will elevate your pancake to the next oh so tasty level.

(Coco)Nutty Toppings

A little crunch goes a long way when you take the time to anoint each perfectly round cake with your favorite nutty butter.   So go a little (coco)nuts by adding a creamy Coconut crunch to your cake.

Indiscriminate Toppings

Typically we think of pancakes as a breakfast item but there is nothing to stop us from topping our cakes with a non-breakfast choice.  Some foods just belong together, no matter what.  One such choice that goes with almost anything at anytime is hand squeezed orange juice.  Picture this, warm cake, and of course, a hefty layer of chocolate, caramel or even butterscotch topping topped off with delicious oj.  Recommended for all, but reserved for the indiscriminate pancake connoisseur.

There are no rules when it comes to topping your pancakes.  Enjoy fellow cake lovers and choose a topping that tops it off for you!

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